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The Ultimate Hair Quiz: Discover The Perfect Products For Health and Style

Between Nutriplenish, Scalp Solutions, Botanical Repair and Invati Advanced, it can be daunting to choose the perfect Aveda product for your styling needs. But don’t worry—we at The Full Spectrum Hair Salon have you covered! Prepare to elevate your self-care ritual and reveal the hair you’ve always envisioned, the… Read More

Fall-Ready and Fabulous: Your Guide to Keeping your Color Vibrant

This past summer met record high temperatures; with that came record high sun-damage to your hair color. At The Full Spectrum Hair Salon, we understand the importance of keeping your hair looking fabulous as the leaves begin to fall. With pumpkin spice season upon us, the… Read More

Welcome To Our New Site!

Just like a hairstyle needs to be revamped every once in a while to stay with the trends, so does a website. The Full Spectrum Hair Salon is pleased to announce our new website – with more features for easier booking and browsing! Take a look around!… Read More