Lash Extension

Look at a room differently with premium lash services provided within The Full Spectrum hair salon. Lash applications by experts noted for natural, hybrid, and volume looks enhance natural beauty for an elevated overall aesthetic.

Fall for the charm and luster of natural lash extensions, for just the right everyday elegance. Our expert technicians carefully create a seamless enhancement to your lashes; with skillful, flawless, and meticulous application, they add on length and definition to marvelously effortless looks.

Experience the best of both worlds: natural yet dramatic with our Hybrid lash services. Absolutely perfect for somebody who wants something in between classic and volume lashes, as well as something that is not too much but still makes a statement. Hybrid means the best of both worlds combined into texture and volume that will make all eyes look at yours.

With our volume lash services, you truly experience the ultimate in lash luxury. Our experienced artists apply multiples of our lightweight extensions onto your natural lashes one by one, for a look that is full and voluminous, yet glamorous and long-lasting.

At The Full Spectrum, we are committed to making you feel comfortable and satisfied in our serene and hygienic environment for our lash services. We’re dedicated to making sure quality products paired with the newest and best techniques result in a transformational, luxurious experience.

Step up your lash game with custom eyelash extensions at The Full Spectrum Hair Salon. Book now and have our very talented artists design a look that perfects your natural allure with precision and style.

Step up your eye game with a lash lift and tinting service like no other, only at The Full Spectrum. We’re dedicated to enhancing your natural beauty, showcasing beautiful long-lasting results that have you feeling confidently glamorous.

Lash Lift: Lash lift by The Full Spectrum is that love potion you have been searching for. This service of ours is prepared specially to curl and lift your natural lashes, giving you wide-eyed looks without those unnecessary extensions. Just imagine waking up to beautifully lifted lashes, framing the eye area, and best of all, it’s low maintenance.

Lash Tint: Define your lashes with depth and tint services. Using top-quality tint, our professional staff helps to darken your lashes with that mascara look but without the hassles. Enjoy weeks of intensified lash color for effortlessly alluring eyes. Lash Lift and Tint Combo: Combining the best of both worlds.

Lash Lift and Tint Combo will give you the perfect curl and enhanced color for dynamism that is eye-catching. This is an integrated service, styled to save time, while making the impact of the natural lash huge.

At The Full Spectrum hair salon, we focus on making sure that all of our clients are satisfied and feel at home in a peaceful and clean environment. Our commitment to top-quality products and latest techniques promises a luxurious, transformative experience.

Lifted and tinted lashes have never looked this good as they do now at The Full Spectrum. Book your appointment to reveal the natural glamour that arises from gorgeously enhanced lashes—without even needing mascara or extensions. Raise your gaze and embrace a more radiant, confident you.

Eyelash Lift$84+
Eyelash Tint$19+
Vomor Ten-day Lash$50+

Experience Relaxing Facial Waxing

Recapture that silken perfection with a full-service waxing at The Full Spectrum hair salon. Our highly trained estheticians take pride in delivering the very best waxing services, using precise techniques and quality products for hair removal that is comfortable and efficacious.

Let Full Spectrum take care of all your waxing needs. Our skilled technicians will give you very detailed and individual waxing treatments, ensuring perfectly shaped brows, silky legs, or a smooth bikini line.

Experience top-notch hair removal with our brow shaping and facial waxing services, designed to highlight your natural beauty while framing your face in just the right way. Perfection in the details of the brows leaves one polished and sophisticated.

At The Full Spectrum, we have never failed to meet your wants and expectations, and we always maintain a commitment to making your visit clean and friendly for all waxing services. We make sure that we use top-quality products and our expertise in service in giving you a luxurious feel that will take you to a whole new perspective.

Say goodbye to unwanted hair and hello to beautiful skin—radiant, soft skin at The Full Spectrum hair salon. Make an appointment now and have our professional estheticians take care of you with waxing services beyond your expectations, making you confidently groomed.

Eyebrow Wax$21+
Eyebrow Wax & Lip Wax $28+
Lip & Chin Wax$23+
Chin Wax$13+
Full Face$40+
Upper Lip Wax $11+