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Because we believe curls deserve to be understood, we’re dedicated to educating both clients and stylists about curly hair’s unique needs.  Discover the full Ouidad experience: Find your curl type, get a cut constructed exclusively for curly hair, find out your perfect product prescription and learn how best to care for your kind of curl.

From loose waves to tight coils, it’s important to take care of your curls. Since not all curls are the same, Ouidad has created a trademark-specific cutting technique that is customized for your unique curl pattern.

Once our curl experts determine your curl type, we are able to give you a cut that is tailored expressly to your curly hair needs, goals and lifestyle.

Experience the ultimate in curly hair expertise with the Ouidad haircut at The Full Spectrum hair salon. Our skilled stylists specialize in delivering precision cuts tailored specifically for curly hair, ensuring a transformative and flattering result that celebrates your unique curl pattern.

Ouidad Haircut: Embrace Your Natural Curls At The Full Spectrum, we understand that curly hair requires a specialized approach. Our Ouidad-certified stylists are trained to work with the natural texture and movement of your curls, providing a haircut that enhances shape, reduces bulk, and promotes healthy, beautiful curls.

Curl-Specific Precision The Ouidad haircut technique, also known as the “Carving & Slicing” method, is designed to address the distinct needs of curly hair. Our stylists skillfully carve each curl individually, allowing for a personalized and precise haircut that maintains the integrity of your unique curl pattern.

Customized Curly Hair Solutions Say goodbye to the frustration of generic haircuts that don’t embrace your curls. The Ouidad haircut at The Full Spectrum is all about customization. Whether you have loose waves or tight coils, our stylists will tailor the cut to complement your curls, resulting in a more defined, manageable, and stunning look.

Healthy Hair, Happy Curls Beyond the aesthetic benefits, the Ouidad haircut focuses on maintaining the health of your curly hair. By removing excess weight and promoting proper curl formation, our Ouidad-certified stylists ensure that your curls are free to bounce, shine, and express their natural beauty.

At The Full Spectrum hair salon, we are committed to providing a premium Ouidad haircut experience. Book your appointment today and discover the joy of embracing your natural curls with a tailored cut that celebrates the beauty and uniqueness of your curly hair. Elevate your curl confidence at The Full Spectrum.

Ouidad Signature Haircut $130+
Ouidad’s trademark-specific cutting technique customized for your unique curl pattern.
With Deep Treatment $155+