If you’re looking for ways to add some versatility to your style this spring, hair extensions are something worth considering. Whether just for every day or if you have a special occasion coming up, extensions are an instant way to change up your look. Today we’ll talk about some of the ways hair extensions can enhance your style.

More Style Possibilities

Hair extensions offer a nearly endless amount of possibilities, one of which is flexibility. Extensions allow you to change your style at a moment’s notice, so you can have shoulder-length hair one day and waist-length the next. You’re not locked into just one look.

Added Volume

We all know that extensions can add length to your strands, but they can also be used to add volume. If your hair just needs a little boost you can add just a few wefts. If your hair is quite thin and needs a lot of help you can add more wefts to build the volume that you want without any chemical processing.

Play With Color

Hair extensions also give you more color options. You can add one color of highlights for a special occasion and change it out for another for a night out with friends. Since extensions are available in an array of colors, you can experiment with color with no long-term commitment.

Healthier Looking Hair

Extensions can be chosen to blend right into your hair for a completely natural look. Strategically placed these extensions can help hide the damage. Your hair will instantly look much healthier, and no one will be able to guess your secret.

Since we offer both VoMor™ and BELLAMI™ extensions, we can test which brand is right for you! Our extension experts can fulfill your hair expectations whether you want a temporary style for an upcoming event, or a more permanent look that will last for weeks.

If you would like the freedom to experiment with styles and colors without committing this spring come to see the talented stylists at Full Spectrum Hair Salon. You’ll leave us looking and feeling great and with a boost in confidence that will shine through in everything you do.

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