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Summer’s Coming: Can Your Hair Handle the Heat?

The days are getting longer, the sun is getting hotter, and summer is just around the corner (if it doesn’t already feel like it already)! While we all love the sunshine and the carefree vibes of the season, it can wreak havoc on our hair. Dryness, frizz, and dullness can quickly become our… Read More

Your Step-by-Step Curly Girl Guide with Be Curly

Curls are a gift, but managing them can sometimes feel like a challenge. Here at The Full Spectrum Hair Salon, we understand the unique needs of curly hair, which is why we’re so excited to carry the new and improved Be Curly Advanced™. This advanced, plant-powered… Read More

Spring Forward with Refreshed Hair

Spring has arrived, bringing with it warmer weather, blooming flowers, and a fresh start. And just like the world around us, our hair can also benefit from a seasonal refresh! Here are some easy tips to help your hair transition smoothly into spring: Deep condition: Winter weather can take… Read More

A guide to vibrant hair while your stylist’s book is full

As the end of the year rolls around, it often seems like the world hits pause. In the midst of festive celebrations, quality time with loved ones, and much-needed breaks, services become a hot commodity with many being fully booked. This is especially true for stylists whose schedules are packed with holiday hair… Read More


  Have you ever got a new hair color that you thought would be perfect for you, only to be disappointed with the outcome? You’re not alone. It’s happened to nearly everyone at one point or another. Choosing the right hair color can be tricky! Nothing is worse than taking that first look at your… Read More


Spring is the time for fresh starts. We freshen up our hair color, change our wardrobe, and even change out our makeup palette for pretty spring colors, but how much attention does your skin get? If your skin is looking a bit dry and dull after a long harsh winter, it’s time… Read More