Have you ever got a new hair color that you thought would be perfect for you, only to be disappointed with the outcome? You’re not alone. It’s happened to nearly everyone at one point or another. Choosing the right hair color can be tricky! Nothing is worse than taking that first look at your new color and realizing that it clashes with your skin tone. At that point, you have two options – tuck it all under a hat and wait for it to grow out, or risk damage by coloring it again. This is why it’s best to make sure your color compliments your skin tone before you hit the salon. Your colorist will be able to help you with this.

Cool Skin Tones

Cool skin has pinkish to purplish undertones. Cool colors will be your best match. Consider shades such as platinum blonde, ash brown, crisp copper, or blue-black. The cool bluish undertones of these colors will bring out the best in your complexion for a balanced and natural look.

Warm Skin Tones

Warm skin has yellowish to greenish undertones. Embrace the warmth of your skin with butter blonde, caramel brown, fiery red, or deep espresso. The golden undertones of these colors will enhance your complexion for a healthy glow.

Neutral Skin Tones

Neutral skin has a balanced undertone that doesn’t lean towards warm or cool. Neutral skin looks great with virtually any color, so instead of undertones, you should coordinate your hair color choices to your eyes to make them pop.

It can be a bit intimidating when you start looking at the vast array of hair colors available. If you’re still unsure or just want help choosing the perfect hair color for you, schedule a color consultation with your Full Spectrum Hair Salon colorist. We’ll evaluate your skin tone and show you a selection of hair colors that will perfectly complement your complexion.

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